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Mark Cadbury
Harvestway House, 28 High St
Oxfordshire, OX28 6RA
United Kingdom
  07909 961000
  01451 820178
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‘At a time of turmoil and uncertainty in my business, I needed some clear guidance to steer the business forward, Mark has certainly achieved that from our first meeting. Mark has been of great help and support for me and the business.

When we first started with the coaching with Mark, the business was not making any profit, sales were down and morale was low, the turnover was £70k with 1 staff. Within weeks of coaching, we worked out a vision for the business and a business plan to grow the business. We double out turnover in the first year of coaching to £140k and double again in the second year to £300k.  We now operate on a 2250 sq. ft compared to a virtual office when we first started , we also have 4 staff and we have invested £70k in  machineries.  We are on  target to double again to £600k this coming year. This level growth coupled with increased profitability was only achievable due to the coaching by Mark.

I am ever so grateful for all the advices and support that Mark has provided, we could not achieve this level of success without his coaching.

Mark is very knowledgeable, listens to my  issues and advices accordingly. I would strongly recommend his services and he will definitively help you grow your business.’

Radj Many, owner RM Design Engineering ltd



We were a six year old business that had been growing steadily before hitting a plateau in our seventh year. To date I had been happy with the growth and direction of the company but I had begun to realise that to push the company to the next level we needed help.


We looked at business consultants and various management training courses but settled on the idea of a ‘business coach’ because it seemed to provide the flexibility we required as owner/operators, the financial commitment suited our budget and we wanted an individual who would get to know us and our business on a personal level.


We met with several prospective coaches over a number of weeks and eventually chose Mark Cadbury of Action Coach to work with us. We liked Mark’s personable nature, his background of advertising and marketing was certainly of interest to us and we were comforted by the fact that he had an established company such as Action Coach behind him to draw on their proven ideas and resources.


Mark started working with us at the beginning of 2014 and he was the shot in the arm that we needed. As well as his wealth of experience he also provided us with the discipline as business owners to spend more time working on the business than in the business.


Mark has been working with us for the last three years and knows every facet of our operation. His enthusiastic personality and can-do attitude fit perfectly with our own characters and his influence on our business is more than evident in our increase in turnover in the last three years of 26% but most importantly our next profit before tax increased by a multiple of 3.9! Anyone would agree this is an incredible result and for anyone thinking that they can’t afford a business coach I would say: ‘You can’t afford not to have one!’

Charles Schmidt – Managing Director House and Carriage Ltd




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